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Emily Rosewood – HSC

New Hampshire

I’ve been with HSC for nearly 2 years, and my experience has been positive. The customer service team is responsive and patient, addressing all my queries. When I filed a refrigerator claim this year, they promptly sent a technician who ensured thorough safety checks. Grateful for their diligence and efficient service.

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Dexter Grayson – Choice


My home’s cooling system recently malfunctioned. I reached out to Choice Home Warranty’s customer service, and they promptly identified the issue. In just 2 hours, they provided the repair technician’s contact details. The technician arrived promptly, efficiently fixing the system while explaining the problem. Their professionalism and efficiency are commendable. Grateful for the excellent service provided.

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Anna Sinclair – Select


Highly recommendable! The claim process was swift and straightforward. Although approval took a bit, subsequent steps were rapid. The skilled technician, equipped with necessary spare parts, ensured efficient repairs, minimizing delays. Pleased with their service and cost-effectiveness, I found the overall experience satisfactory.

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