How To Choose A Home Warranty Plan The Smart Way?

A home warranty plan is not as complicated as you think. You sign up for a policy which you can pay monthly or annually. Monthly premiums usually go from $25 to $60 depending on the type of coverage. When an appliance or system in your home stops working, the warranty policy would cover the cost or repair or replacement.

What brings difficulty to homeowners is choosing the right policy from the right warranty provider. There are a lot of companies that offer home warranty but not all of them should be trusted with your money and time. These are the top two mistakes that homeowners often make when getting a home warranty:

1. Not reading the terms and conditions which include the coverage limits and payout caps.

2. Not researching enough customer feedback and reviews.

If you fail to do your part in researching a company and their products and services, you might end up wasting your money. You might find the company not sending out the technicians on time or simply ignoring your claims requests. It’s also important to read and understand fully the fine print. Warranty providers would include a list of exclusions for their coverage and the maximum amount they would spend on a repair or replacement.

Here we’ve narrowed down the top three home warranty providers in 2022 with a solid reputation and clearly laid out terms.



Select Home Warranty

• Best air conditioning coverage
• Respond within two days
• Free 2 months plus $150 discount

Select Home Warranty offers plans that provide full coverage for homeowners looking for policies at more competitive prices. Select Home Warranty is available in majority of the United States. They offer warranty plans at competitive prices which makes them an ideal option for those who want a simple plan to cover home systems and appliances.


Choice Home Warranty

• Top Choice for 2022
• One month for free + $50 discount
• HVAC systems and units full coverage
• Uber-style service dispatch method

Choice Home warranty has a huge network of more than 15,000 service technicians. They offer plans with comprehensive coverage for home systems and appliances at affordable prices. The process for filing claims is made easy with 24/7 support and online channels. One huge advantage with Choice Home Warranty is that they do not have annual limits on payouts unlike other warranty providers. All these make Choice Home warranty one of our top contenders for 2022.






Liberty Home Guard

• Free 2 months and $125 discount
• 24/7 customer support availability
• Extensive list of optional appliance items
• Huge network of qualified technicians

Liberty Home Guard provides the customers more ability to customize their warranty plans. The company also gives homeowners access to service contractors round the clock. Their plans go for as low as $30 per month not including the $60 trade call fee. They also have an extensive list of items that homeowners can add-on to their plans.