Choice Home Warranty Review


  • Guaranteed service repairs for 30 days
  • Up to three customer service agents assigned to manage a claim
  • If you have a previous home warranty contract with a different provider, coverage can start in less than 30 days


  • Not available in Washington and California


Choice Home Warranty’s head office is located in Edison New Jersey and has a huge network of at least 15,000 contractors serving homeowner’s warranty claims. Choice Home Warranty has one of the best claims services because they assign up to three customer service representatives to manage a customer’s claim. Most companies only assigned one agent to handle this. They have two types of coverage for major appliances and home systems that customers can choose from. Choice Home Warranty also offers optional coverage for other systems for an additional charge. Choice’s service fees are on par with the industry average.


Many home warranty providers would require homeowners to wait for 30 days before they can submit a new claim. With Choice Home Warranty, new customers can benefit from their contract in less than 30 days if they previously had a warranty contract from a different provider. Their services are available across the United States except in Washington and California.


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Plans, Prices, and Coverage from Choice Home Warranty

Home warranty contracts should not be confused with home insurance. A home warranty will cover major home systems and appliances while home insurance covers structural elements of the house and is applicable for damages caused by water, fire, theft, and other acts of nature.


If you are interested in Choice Home Warranty for your appliances and home systems, you can choose between two different plans – the Basic Plan and the Total Plan. Choice Home Warranty’s Basic Plan covers most of the major home systems and appliances except for air conditioning, clothes washer, clothes dryer, and refrigerator. The Basic plan will cost $495 per year or $45.81 a month.


If you are more concerned about your washer, dryer, or fridge and would like to get warranty coverage for them, the Total Plan will be more beneficial. The plan will cost $600 a year or $55 per month plus a service fee of $85 every time you call for a repair. Choice Home Warranty will offer an extra month for free if you pay the total cost for a full year of your warranty plan.


Choice Home Warranty also allows homeowners to add optional items to the Basic and Total plans. Homeowners can choose to include the following in their warranty coverage:


• Central vacuum
• Pool or spa
• Second refrigerator
• Standalone freezer
• Well pump
• Sump pump
• Septic system
• Septic tank pumping
• Limited roof leak

What do they cover?

Water heater
Air conditioning
Garbage disposal
Clothes dryer
Clothes washer
Electrical system
Plumbing System
Plumbing stoppage
Heating system
Built-in microwave
Whirlpool bathtub
Deductible fee 75$ 75$
Average yearly cost 450$ 350$
Ductwork 500$ per contract term
Electrical 500$ per contract term
Heating $1,500 per covered item each contract term
Plumbing 500$ per contract term
Pol/Spa 500$ per contract term
Septic system 500$ per contract term
Septic tank plumbing 200$

Discounts Offered by Choice Home Warranty


Choice Home Warranty offers a $30 discount and the first month for free if you sign up and pay for a full year. Basically, you can get 13 months of coverage and only pay for 12 months. There are also other holiday and seasonal promotions where you can get savings up front as well as discounts on the service fees.


Check out their website to see what promotions are currently running if you are interested in getting a home warranty for your house. You can also get a free quote from their website and the available deals and promotions will be automatically applied.


Optional Items to Include In Your Warranty Plan


When you get any plan from Choice Home Warranty, you have the option to include coverage for additional items to your warranty plan after 30 days. You’ll need to pay an extra charge if you want to add a pool, second fridge, central vacuum, standalone freezer, well pump, limited roof leak, sump pump, septic system, or septic tank pumping coverage.


Since these items would cost you an additional charge, you may have to think twice about including some of them in your plan. Depending on your needs, these add-ons could become a good investment for your home. When deciding whether you need additional coverage, consider how much wear and tear your optional items go through and the total cost of repairing or replacing a unit if it breaks down. Getting warranty coverage for some of the bigger items like a pool could make you feel more at ease. Similarly, if you constantly deal with roof leaks, having roof leaks covered by your warranty will give you peace of mind.


Before you purchase any additional options, make sure that you have read the terms and conditions of your warranty contract since some parts may be excluded from the warranty. For example, the warranty may cover all the mechanical components of your central vacuum but not the ductwork, hoses, or accessories. Take note of the inclusions of the contract to help you decide whether you should get the optional items.


Choice Home Warranty Payout Caps


The list below details some of the payout limits set by Choice Home Warranty. You can check the sample user agreement on Choice Home Warranty’s website to get a more complete look at their contract limitations. Your service agreement should also have a complete list of exclusions.


$3,000 maximum for diagnosis, repair, or replacement of an item
$500 maximum for access to an item
$500 maximum to diagnose, repair, or replace the well pump
$250 maximum to diagnose, repair, or replace the septic pump
$500 maximum to diagnose, repair, or replace the septic system
$500 maximum to diagnose, repair, or replace roof leak damage.


Customer Service


Choice Home Warranty has been providing service for more than a decade. The company is listed on the Better Business Bureau website with a B- rating although they are not accredited. They closed over 7,000 complaints in the last three years, which are mostly about an issue with a product or service.


Comparison with Competitors


Choice Home Warranty Vs Select Home Warranty


Both Choice Home Warranty and Select Home Warranty are the top-runners in the home warranty industry. The companies are well known for their all-inclusive coverage plans and their reasonable rates. When compared, they both offer their premium services at almost the same costs. However, there are a few interesting differences in their services that lets customers choose the desired company as per their requirements.


When compared, Select Home Warranty offers more coverage and a few optional add-ons to their customers as compared to Choice Home Warranty. However, Choice’s Premium plan covers more items than that covered by Select Home Warranty’s premium plan.


Cost-wise, Select Home Warranty is a little more reasonable than Choice Home Warranty. So, while Select Home Warranty services cost you approximately between $36 and $38 per month, Choice Home Warranty costs you between $36 and $44 per month. The service fee deductible charged by Select is just between $60 and $75 while Choice Home Warranty charges you an amount between $60 and $85.


Choice has better and more positive customer reviews than Select Home Warranty on Trust Pilot, while Select has better reviews than Choice on BBB. Moreover, despite its ultimate services and coverage plans, Choice Home Warranty is not available in the states of California and Washington while Select is available in all the 50 states. Hence, it all rounds up to what type of coverage is required by the customer and their needs.


Choice Home Warranty Vs Home Service Club


Choice Home Warranty and HSC, both stand strong in the home warranty industry with their comprehensive coverage plans and affordable costs. Choice Home Warranty offers you two coverage plans, the Basic Plan and the Total Plan which cover almost all the home appliances and systems such as the heating system, plumbing system, electrical system, etc.


On the other hand, HSC offers you two primary coverage plans that covers almost 19 common appliances and systems with 11 optional add-ons. Their Comprehensive plan covers a huge variety of 32 appliances and systems along with 11 optional add-ons.
Choice Home Warranty further scores more points for its excellent customer services and quick response to customer claims. In fact, almost 80% of the claims get processed in just about 4 hours. Choice also has the second largest network of service providers and technicians to help resolve your claims.


How does Choice Home Warranty compare?

Annual Premium Varies
Number of contractors 25,000 15,000 Wide network, can use in-network or out of network contractors.
Home inspection required No No No
Workmanship guarantee 30 Days 60 Days Lifetime



What do people say about Choice Home Warranty?

Dexter Grayson – Choice


Rightfully the best Home Warranty service providers!

The cooling system in my house stopped working just a few days ago. I contacted the Choice Home Warranty customer service team and they noted the problem instantly. Within just 2 hours, they responded back with the contact details of the repair technician who will come and repair the system. The technician came in time and repaired the system, all the while describing the problem that caused the cooling to stop. Totally professional and efficient! Thank you so much for the services.

Brooklyn Rogers – Choice


One reason I really prefer Choice Home Warranty Services over all other home warranty companies is because of their excellent customer services. The company has a good team of dedicated customer care personals and a huge network of contractors who are certified and greatly experienced to resolve all types of technical problems with ease.

I have been with Choice Home Warranty for the last 3 years now and I have made about 4 claims, all of which were resolved in the shortest time duration. Even the technicians worked efficiently to resolve the faulty refrigerator, plumbing system, oven and garage door. For me, Choice has been the best decision for me without the slightest doubt.

Lucas Alvarez – Choice

South Carolina

¡Servicios rápidos y mejores hasta ahora!

El sistema de refrigeración se apagó hace unas semanas y con el verano en su apogeo, el calor dentro de la casa era demasiado para soportar. Hice un reclamo en Choice Home Warranty y el equipo de atención al cliente lo procesó rápidamente. Enviaron a un técnico solo 2 días después y repararon el sistema. Incluso el técnico que vino a reparar el sistema estaba realmente bien informado y revisó todos los puntos cuidadosamente para evitar más accidentes. En general, resolvieron el problema más rápido de lo que esperaba y estoy más que satisfecho con sus servicios.

Bottom line

Choice Home Warranty is an easy, straightforward home warranty service that covers all of your basic and complex systems and appliances.

The pricing plans are competitive, and with a 24/7 claims department, there’s always someone available to help.

With a network of 25000 technicians, response times are fast too, making Choice a great choice for you.

About choice home warranty

Choice Home Warranty was founded in 2009, and it has since accumulated a huge customer base across the United States.

Servicing 48 of the 50 states, Choice Home Warranty offers fast and reliable home repairs and replacements services.

covering everything from HVAC systems to garage door openers.

Choice Home Warranty holds a B- rating with the BBB and offers 24/7 service calls.

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