The Home Service Club


  • No home inspection required
  • 30 days labour guarantee and 90 days parts guarantee
  • Covers the repair & replacement of covered items (all age, model and make)


  • Not available in Wisconsin
  • Very high service fee $95
  • BBB not accredited


Being one of the highly-rated home warranty companies in the country that is known to provide top-class service, Home Service Club offers wide and comprehensive plans that cover systems and appliances inside your home.


All customers are given the option to track the status of repairs through their account, something only a select few companies offer. Customers are also free to manage their accounts and access the company’s policy terms all round the clock.


The Home Service Club is available in  all the states, except Wisconsin. The Home Service Club gives you some of the most extensive and comprehensive coverage in the industry of home warranty. The number of awards they received in the past few years only proves the quality of their service. In the years 2015, 2016, and 2019, the Home Service Club is awarded the Best in Service award by

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Why Choose Home Service Club (HSC)?


  • HSC was established in 2008
  • It offers a service recall period of 90 days which only a few companies do
  • It has a devoted staff of local service providers
  • Exceptionally responsive customer care executives
  • The company willingly participates in Complaint Resolution Program to resolve complaints and issues sent by customers
  • Between $6 to $9 coverage limit for covered items
  • The policy will only act within 30 days

Plans That The Home Service Club Has To Offer


The Home Service Club offers two plans which are built to suffice the different needs and requirements of homeowners. If you plan on buying a new home or even if you are already a homeowner, you should absolutely consider checking out these two plans that the Home Service Club has for you to offers.


Listed below are the two plans offered by the Home Service Club and the appliances and systems they cover:


What do they cover?

Item Standard Coverage Comprehensive Coverage
Water heater
Air conditioning
Garbage disposal
Clothes dryer
Clothes washer
Electrical system
Plumbing System
Plumbing stoppage
Heating system
Ceiling Fan
Built-in microwave
Whirlpool bathtub
Central Vacuum
Garage door opener


Ductwork 500$ per contract term
Electrical 500$ per contract term
Heating $1,500 per covered item each contract term
Plumbing 500$ per contract term
Pol/Spa 500$ per contract term
Septic system 500$ per contract term
Septic tank plumbing 200$


Customers who wish to avail of the plans offered by the Home Service Club can also choose to include on their plan things such as water softener, pool and spa equipment, well pump, sewage ejector pump, and others that are originally not included on the list of appliances and systems under the two plans offered.


Prices and Coverage By The Home Service Club (HSC)

The starting price of Home Service Club plans is $400 and increases depending on the needs of customers. A deductible varying from $65 to $125 is also required from customers for every time a system or appliance needs repair or replacement. A period of 12 months is the minimum contract length for the plans offered by the Home Service Club.


HSC offers just the right plans for those who are looking forward to purchasing a brand new home or selling one.


Customer Service and Claims by The Home Service Club


A devoted customer care team is one of the absolute assets of the Home Service Club. HSC also holds a wide network of contractors reaching 15000+ technicians that are ready to fix each and every device that is malfunctioning inside your home. Provided below are things you need to do to successfully file your claim hassle-free.


You may log in to the Home Service Club official website or call on customer care to file your claim


The Home Service Club will immediately appoint a technician that will replace or repair your malfunctioning appliance or system


You must pay the service call fee which is stated in your contract after the technician finish replacing or fixing your system or appliance


Please do file a claim only when a problem really occurs in any of your appliances or systems. Note that you will still be required to pay a deductible when you file a claim and the appointed technician finds no problem or malfunction in your devices.


The Home Service Club maintains a very good reputation when it comes to resolving claims with their customers. A piece of good evidence of this is the positive reviews it has received and maintained for the past couple of years, acknowledging the company’s commitment and efforts in settling claims.


The Limits and Exclusions of The Home Service Club Contract


Every customer needs to read thoroughly the HSC contract before signing up. The beginning period of your coverage, the ending date of your contract, your chosen plan, add-on coverage options, and other important aspects of your contract is completely stated.


After a customer files a claim, the Home Service Club will immediately send a technician within a period of twelve business hours. On weekends and national holidays, however, the time it takes for the company to send a technician or professional to inspect your devices increases to around forty-eight business hours. A deductible or trade service call fee will also be charged from the customer every time technicians replace or repair any of their systems or appliances.


The Home Service Club has the right to select the technician they will send to your home to replace or repair your malfunctioning appliance or systems. The service contractor may also be affiliated with HSC.


Services can be renewed if the customer wishes to without them facing any lapse in the offered coverage by the company. The coverage will begin 30 days after the date of payment if the contract is renewed by the customer after the preceding contract has expired.


Is The Home Service Club Worth It?


The coverage offered by the Home Service Club is basic yet comprehensive. The warranty policy will be effective after 30 days. The customers are offered three deductible options to choose from but all three are high in comparison to the standards of this industry. If you are not sure yet or you want to consider your options, you can compare reviews of other home warranty providers with the Home Service Club


HSC Vs Market Competitors

Home warranty plans are the best ways to protect your home appliances and systems from unplanned breakdowns. All you will need to do is simply choose the best home warranty company and register for the most suitable coverage plan that will protect all your essential appliances and systems.


Also, what you really need to understand is that you need to choose a good home warranty service that actually fulfils all your requirements. A home warranty company that works great for you, may not be an appropriate option for others.


HSC Vs Choice Home Warranty

Choice Home Warranty and HSC are both very reputed home warranty companies. The difference between them is almost negligible, except for a few factors which actually help you choose the right service for your home.


Choice Home Warranty is one of the topmost home warranty companies in the market that offers you 2 coverage plans (Basic Plan and the Comprehensive plan). HSC, similarly offers you 2 plans that allow you to choose coverage for either systems or the appliances or both. Cost-wise however, CHW is more reasonable than HSC because CHW offers you just 1 deductible. On the constrary, HSC’s cost fluctuates depending largely on the deductible chosen.


HSC Vs American Home Shield


HSC and American Home shield are two very popular and successful home warranty companies that are known for their coverage plans, services, company-customer transparency, cost and more. When compared, they both score greatly for their services and offer. However, there are certain factors that will help you easily make your choice based on your priorities.


For instance, if you are looking for a complete plan, HSC is a better option than American Home Shield. However, if you want coverage only for your appliances or your systems, American Home Shield gives you the choice to select what you desire. Also, HSC has a wider list of add-on options as compared to American Home Shield. One more thing to consider is that American Home Shield offers you coverage against damage caused due to corrosion or rust which HSC doesn’t. Overall, we completely recommend you to choose the company that satisfies all your warranty needs, including the cost factor.

How does Home Service Club compare?


Annual Premium Varies
Number of contractors 25,000 15,000 Wide network, can use in-network or out of network contractors.
Home inspection required No No No
Workmanship guarantee 30 Days 60 Days Lifetime

What do people say about Home Service Club?

Emily Rosewood – HSC

New Hampshire

Good services and reasonable

I have been with the HSC for almost 2 years now and my experience with them has been good. The customer service team is good. They are quick to respond and have a good amount of patience to answer all the questions slowly I asked them. I filed a claim once this year for my refrigerator and they were really quick to answer and send a technician for the repair. Turned out it was just a burnt plug but the technician checked the wiring and all the other possible reasons that could cause the socket to burn. He went only after he was satisfied that everything was safe. Really grateful to the entire team.

Brianna Hart – HSC

San Jose, California

I am really happy with their services and their plans. Their customer service associate Jimmy answered all my questions and cleared all the doubts I had. He helped me the best plan based on my requirements and made sure that everything I needed was covered by their plan, including the repairs. This gave me complete peace of mind knowing that I won’t have to worry about repairs or extra expenses. Also, their service fee is just $125 which is comparatively reasonable than a few of the other brands. In case the item is not repairable, they will replace it completely for me at absolutely no cost. I am really happy and couldn’t have asked for a better home warranty company. Thank you!

Evelyn Andrews – HSC


I have been associated with HSC for the last 5 months now and I have had absolutely no complaints until. Last month, I filed a claim regarding my air conditioning unit for not cooling the house properly, which was mostly a maintenance issue and is covered under my contract. So, when the technician came and checked the unit, he found out burnt wires and plug which the company replaced and paid for it. He also checked the voltage and electricity flow in all the appliances and sockets to avoid any future fires. So yes, I deeply appreciate their services and help.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) About The Home Service Club


What are the perks that members of the Home Service Club can enjoy?


The Home Service Club offers top-of-the-class service from some of the best and well-trained technicians in the county for all of its members. Each member is also free to access and manage their account all round the clock and send their claims online hassle-free. Members of the Home Service Club enjoy lots of discounts on items such as cabinetry, flooring, etc. You should also be aware that members will receive top-of-the-class equipment when their old devices need replacement.


What is the phone number of the Home Service Club?


The Home Service Club’s official phone number is 800.601.1009 which you can contact any time. Also, feel free to message them on their email Should you have any questions or concerns? The HSC customer care team will gladly help you out with answering those!


Can my contract be transferred before it expires to a new homeowner?


Surely, your contract may be passed on to a new homeowner if you wish to. The customer care team is deemed to help you out in the process of transferring your contract; all you need is to reach out to one of their representatives.


Is a home inspection conducted even before a customer can purchase a plan?


No, not at all. The Home Service Club does not conduct any kind of home inspection before a customer purchases a plan. The Home Service Club plans are available for purchase online or through the phone. Your real estate agent may help you out with the process if you are new to purchasing a home.


How am I supposed to send a complaint regarding the Home Service Club?


Complaints about the Home Service Club can be sent through the Complaint Resolution Program (CRP) on Home The HSC will do its best to resolve the issue or complaint using the CRP or Complaint Resolution Program within a period of thirty days. A negative review will be posted if the complaint or issue is not resolved within the given period or if the customer is not satisfied with the presented solutions.


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